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You can’t hide from a DUI. Is your number up? 84 arrests in the past week

36 DUI fatalities in 2013

4249 people couldn’t hide from a DUI in 2013

That’s about 340 arrests every month

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A DUI will really cost you

You are likely to pay $6,300 for your first DUI.

Fines and court costs $4,920
Ignition Interlock $480
Counseling Classes $900

Your second DUI will cost you around $7,000.

Your third DUI will cost you about $10,000.

Plus, you have to deal with:

  • Increased insurance rates
  • Lost wages for court appearances
  • Cost of repairing car
  • Difficulty meeting daily financial obligations

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When you’re arrested for DUI, you can lose your license.

Life without a license

Routine tasks such as getting to work, picking up the kids at school or stopping at the grocery store all become major hassles. You have to rely on others to help you live your day-to-day life. Your need to constantly bum rides will soon alienate your friends and family. And when you’re late to work again, your boss won’t want to hear about your ride being late.

1st Offense 12 — 24mo
2nd Offense 24 — 30mo
3rd Offense 24 — 36mo

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You can’t hide from a criminal record.

Even if it’s your first, you’ll have a permanent Class II Misdemeanor on your record. Your criminal status can hurt you when you’re:

  • Applying for college
  • Looking for a new apartment
  • Completing a job application

Your criminal record may even threaten your current job if integrity is important to your work — as in the medical, transportation and financial fields.

A DUI conviction is a criminal offense that follows you everywhere.

“I guess I never realized how my DUI was going to affect my life. After paying all the costs and fines, I don’t have any money, so I can’t go out with friends. Even if I did have money, I can’t drive. So I’m constantly asking for rides, and I know everyone’s getting tired of that. So I spend a lot of time at home. Alone. My boss found out about my DUI, and while I didn’t lose my job, I can tell that he looks at me differently now. So does my younger brother. And that’s probably the worst.”

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Alcohol and Drug Counseling will cost you $900.

Delaware law requires you to complete DUI education classes. You must attend eight weeks of classes, meeting once a week for two to three hours. You have to submit to drug testing, as well.

Typical classes will cover information on alcohol assessment to help determine your level of alcohol use, methods for managing your alcohol abuse, techniques to limit or abstain from drinking, and the dangers and penalties of continued DUI violations.

In addition to mandatory DUI Education Classes, you may be required to attend one of these programs:

  • Outpatient Treatment: Helps chemically dependent clients take control of their addictions. Includes individual and group counseling sessions over a course of several months (25 hours).
  • Outpatient 21 and Under: Provides treatment services to young offenders with group, individual and family counseling sessions.
  • Alternative Program (Mental Health): Helps DUI offenders who are experiencing mental and emotional adjustment problems in addition to their substance abuse dependencies.

You might be required to install an ignition interlock device.

This will cost you around $480. An ignition interlock is a mechanism that is installed in your vehicle’s dashboard and hardwired to the ignition system. You breathe into the device, like a breathalyzer, and if any alcohol is detected, the vehicle will not start. Random breath samples, or “rolling tests,” are required periodically while the vehicle is in motion. These test are designed to keep you from having a sober friend blow into the device, and to prevent you from drinking alcohol once your car has been started.

  • Imagine going on a date with this device in your car
  • Or taking your kids to school
  • Or driving your co-workers or boss to lunch

Next: Share your story. Be part of the solution.

Share Your Story

We’re collecting stories for Delaware’s DUI prevention campaign. If you have a story like Bob’s, please share it with us.

Bob’s Story:

“Drinking and driving deaths don’t just happen to idiots and addicts. They happen to everyone. They happen to amazing athletes. They happen to artists. They happen to lawyers. They happen to mothers and fathers. They happen to children… Tell the story that will honor the life of your lost loved one… We can to save the lives of others — one story at a time.

I want to invite you to join me and share your stories the way that I have. It’s not easy. But it feels good. It’s nice to visit with Jay & Will again and remember my friends. I miss them. The best way that I know how to honor them is to learn from their tragedy and do all that I can do to live a life free of tragedy due to drinking and driving. When given the opportunity, share that experience with others so that they may do the same.”

Robert E. Downing (“Bobby D”), Founder, Delaware Sports League

Read Bob’s full story.

Your Story:

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